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Online Maths Tutoring

If you need to learn maths out of love or pain, we are here to help you. We offer online interactive tutoring from your own home, school or office. We help you to learn maths as effectively as possible and hopefully with some pleasure. We can prepare you for all major examinations and tests. We help you to understand more and to get in the practice you need to become a good performer. To Learn More

Online Interactive Tutoring

Online Interactive Tutoring, where you are in continuous contact with a tutor, has some real pluses. It can fit in with a mobile lifestyle, between homes, cities and schools. It can allow you to share tutorials with friends – from your different homes. It saves tidying up for a visiting tutor, travelling yourself or paying tutors’ travel costs. It is part of future education so you get ahead of the curve. We can also offer you much better tutor prices. We offer Economics and Latin as well as Maths.
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Coaching can help you to study better, to choose better courses, to deal with the world in a gifted or ADHD way and we also offer career and work coaching.

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